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  • HP 820 LAPTOP CORE i5 4 GB RAM 500 GB

HP Elitebook 8460P LAPTOP CORE i5 4 GB RAM 500 GB Laptop

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Product description

this second generation CPU based laptop is  a force to reckon with when it comes to delivering high performance but still being pocket friendly .With a storage capacity of 500GB hard disk and a RAM memory 4GB  ,HP EliteBook 8460p  gives the user  good data storage space and memory good enough to allow installation of software to suit the user. High speed Intel core i5 processor delivers fast program execution .8 hours of battery life ensures that the can continuously use the laptop in an out of power mode for long time thus making this type of laptop quite reliable.




Processor: Quad Core 1.6 GHz In core i5

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 2GB,

Storage: 500 GB

RAM: 4GB ,2.13 GHz,                                                                      

Battery: 4421 mAh · Up to 8 hours

Audio:  HP Audio Boost, Quad speakers

Features: Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Smart Cache,

Network Interface: 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Operating System: Windows 10



When it comes to display Hp does not disappoints with its models and the HP Elitebook 8460p  is not an exemption since it delivers one of the finest displays in the contemporary market thanks to its integrated graphic card technology with a high pixel refresh rate to give an outstanding display one could possibly think of .Clarity and picture qualities are well defined using this system of display hence its a must have laptop with good service


Audio and ports

With a clever quad-speaker setup by HP audio Boost the  HP Elitebook 8460 is built to deliver an optimal listening experience in any mode. Two speakers are hidden beneath the grille between the keyboard and the hinge, while the other two are located on either side of the system's bottom. This gives you fuller, more immersive audio, with pretty potent volume that easily fills up a room. And, unlike with a lot of other laptops, I didn't hear any hissing or distortion at max volume.

Keyboard and touchpad

HP says it has put a lot of effort into finely tuning not just the amount of force needed to press a key, but also the level of pressure you get through the entire stroke. That effort paid off, because even with the keyboard's 60-gram actuation weight and a 1.3mm keystroke that would feel short and abrupt on another system, typing on the HP Elitebook 8460p feels near perfect. This kind of attention to detail leaves you with a fantastic, clicky key-press that mimics the same feel that people love in mechanical keyboards. Adding an extra row for the Delete, Home, Page Up, Page Down and End on the right is a nice touch too.

The HP STREAM touch pad is also a thing a beauty. Its superwide shape gives you a ton of room to mouse around, and even though there aren't discrete left or right mouse buttons, the system never confused different types of clicks.

Battery Life

By cramming in a larger, 6-hour battery, HP has greatly increased the HP Elitebook 8460p endurance. The battery life has gone from 76hours and 36 minutes on our web-surfing battery test all the way to 8hours.This gives an out of power usage of your machine without necessarily have to worry about running down your battery which makes this type of machine idea for you.

Other features

Other incredible features  on this piece of machine include webcam for capturing those good times ,light to carry around and comfortable to work with as well as slim classy design with vibrant colors and strong chassis to protect your machine from mechanical damage


108 Items

Specific References