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Q: Can all buyers use the Inspection & Production Monitoring Service?

  • All Laptopclinic.co.ke buyers in Kenya can place an order for the Inspection Service.

Q: Which payment methods does the Inspection & Production Monitoring Service support?

  • The Inspection & Production Monitoring Service supports payments made with MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

Q: What happens after payment is completed for inspection order?

  • Inspection company receives an inspection task. They will notify both buyer and seller by email that they have received the task.

Q: With the Inspection Service, what aspects of the product(s) are checked?

  • Product quantity 
  • Conformity (style, color, label, packing, and shipping mark) 
  • Workmanship (appearance and basic functions) 
  • Functionality (on-site check testing general functions and applications based on your product category) 
  • Contract product quality (on-site check/testing according to Trade Assurance contract quality requirements