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  • KSh 500 KSh 500

    Features DB9 9 Pin D-Type Female to

    Features DB9 9 Pin D-Type Female to Female Gender Charger  Converter Adapter . Can also be used to connect RS-232 serial cables, Compact Slim line Adapter. Brand new high quality 9 pin RS-232C female to female gender changer adapter fit any DB9 port or cable with a DB 9 pin male connection

    KSh 500
    Item Code: 5385 Availability: In stock
  • KSh 500 KSh 500

    Specifications: 100% Brand New.

    Specifications: 100% Brand New. Support RS 232 Serial interface (DB9). Converts serial male to female connection. Compact and high quality. Tiny portable design

    KSh 500
    Item Code: DMFC001 Availability: In stock
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